Karolina Kucia


Glossary: Finance and Affection

by Elisa Band, Cássio Diniz Santiago, Karolina Kucia & Akseli Virtanen

In the workshop »Finance as a Place for Creation,« which took place at Akademie Schloss Solitude in November 2015, the group investigated the relationship of performing arts and economy – and what the arts can do for understanding the economic system. By thinking finance and economy in a broader sense, they aimed at developing new ways of owning, financing, and doing things together: Generating new ways of creating opportunities, new ways of acting on them, speculating, hedging, and arbitrating together, and a different access to operating systems.

This glossary assembles essential notions of economic language as well as terms of artistic practice. By mixing and intertwining the different perspectives, new meanings emerge which make you look at the affective and performative side of economy. Just as artistic performances are based on concepts of value, exchange, and debt.