Karolina Kucia


Framed by a robot: Filming with a robotic cinematographic device

Between 2020 and 2023 I made a short film WE BITES US (17’ 25”), a hybrid between live action and animation. The cinematography used in the live-action scenes combines two different points of view: that of a cinematographer and that of an autonomous mobile robot equipped with a camera. At times, the robot is controlled by a wearable “prosthesis”, a glove with gyroscopic sensors attached to an actor’s body. There is an element of juxtaposition in the film that shows the tension between a code of cinematic narrative and an unfamiliar “alien” perspective. This paradoxical cinematic apparatus is a techno-feminist gesture to see technological innovation neither as a grand futurist dream nor as a seductively sleek toy for the rich, neither as freedom nor as subjugation.

The film WE BITES US is the main element of the second artistic component of my dissertation: Monstrous Agencies – Resisting Precarisation within the Organisation of Collaboration and Authorship. The research oscillates around parasitic and monstrous relationships with the aim of recognising interdependence. It looks for a way to recombine the power structure of a working environment, conditions, and format, including the human and non-human agencies involved.