Parasitical Furniture: one furniture piece + demo of performance


Fake Finns and Wannabee Swedes,
Galleria Augusta, Suomenlinna,
Helsinki, April 2013.

What is the furniture of a precarious person? It is a paradox: what is the furniture of nomad? Can the nomad be a piece of furniture? And what can this middle class, bourgeois and privileged precariat afford? De-growth style home, whatever home, designed home, art-touristic collection of memorabilias from A-i-R programmes?
The idea of the Parasitical Furniture is to twist the concept of object and subject at work and their collaboration in condition of cultural production. An aim of this development is also to look precisely at little aesthetic class division in the use of objects – subjects. How much designed, compatible a worker need to be to be desired. Does it make him/her/it a part of interior design or a team?
For example a “performer” or “spectator” or “innovator”.
Parasitical Furniture is a design of non-autonomous subjects-objects, a little bit dysfunctional, uneasy and necessarily interdependent while operating in space. An example: you’ve got a table that have only two legs? Could you perhaps lean it on the table of your neighbor if he is doing only a “sitting job”, but what if his chair is broken? How that kind of object- subject chain effect the necessity of productivity-creativity, labor, social relationship or leasure? Is it display of creativity, fragmentation, flexibility or disaster

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