Robin Hood Minot Asset Management

RHMAM is experiment on cooperation, and financial autonomy. Could we try to get ourselves a bit more time to live in constant hurry in condition of precarious work.. Some ability to stop for a moment and rethink your future, solidarity of resisting together with others in form of a grass root organisation. That means we have a tool to dismantle the myth of how public opinion organizes our perception of our own finacial possibilities.
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Future Art Base

Future Art Base experiments are like immaterial factories, production lines, to create new combinations of art, economy, politics, philosophy, technology, organization, partial components of subjectivities. The relationship between art and economy, or art and politics, cannot be about content: art expressing views of social resistance or art making things more sellable is not relevant. We think that the common ground of art and politics and art and economy is today in the collapse of old forms of life and in the creation of new forms, this is where they meet.


Mollecular Organization

Mollecular organization studies the functioning of semio-capitalism and develops soft technologies of cooperation, tools for building the impossible communities of abstract work and its performers. Molle is a laboratory of schizoanalysis. We operate in the soft stomach, “il ventre molle“, of arbitrary power. Or more precisely: we are the soft belly of arbitrary power. Mollecular organization is a group of losers, sad figures, dark souls, cynical opportunists and depressed princesses. We are not tough or macho, we are soft and wet, impotent and feeble. We don’t march or demonstrate. We have difficulties in getting up from the bed. We are molle people, the future of cooperation.


Kafkamachine experiment

The starting point is the project plan Guattari wrote during the 1980s (and only recently published under the title Projet pour un film de Kafka) to use it as a tool: we use the project organization and production method outlined in the plan as a general backbone and coordinating device for the project. Yet Guattari’s visualizations and directions concerning the actual scenes need to be rethought starting from our own premises, problems, hopes, fears and existential territories, our precarious life at the mercy of arbitrary power.
The ultimate aim of Kafkamachine is to build movement from analysis (map building) to experimentation (exercises of production) to contribute to the dynamic structuring of the unfolding event (the machine).
(from Kafkamachine Manifesto, December 2010)

Kafkamachine trailer by Lennart Laberenz