Parasitic Objects


Precarious Artist Woodoo Survival Kit for the Creative Worker

The Toolbox is designed for use during the opening and during watching the exhibition
WORKERS of the ARTWORLD UNITE in Contemporarty Art Center KRONIKA in Bytom Poland in October 2013 and as a part of the exhibition Art Couture in Huuto Gallery in January 2014 and in Supermarket 2014, Art Fair in Stockholm in March 2014.
This kit is designed for every day use for creative workers in place as an office, studio, social networking situations and so on.
Wear objects on your body parts: you will find detailed descriptions of each item further in the leaflet. Continue to explore. Observe whether the items have some effect on you, experiment with normal and new forms of behavior.
The items that make the set are inspired by the repeated attempts to forget or to overcome various, frequent and uncomfortable reactions in everyday working life.
Hence comes Superproductive Kernel, Smart Ass Finger, Unclear Head or Fuck, why it is not me again?, Mirror, Glove&Sock.
What does it really mean to be precarious worker on chronic string of deadlines and short time contracts, an uncertain artist, an doubtful artist, unstable artist. What kind of response is required? What new skills and forms of interaction appears from this working condition. Is it only hardened from the keyboard fingertips?
What kind of emotions, exaggeration, magic beliefs it produces? Does these internal remnants of the reactions and consequences have an impact on the social organization and on the possible organization of the world of art.
Set is based on experiments and selfobservation of myself, the artist.
Working hypothesis: the set is universal for each performer of the contemporary labor market – artist no longer but simply precarious worker.
Download the PDF here.