Lapse Project

Lapse is performative study on slip and stutter of returning refrains in condition of fractalisation of time structure. The background of the study is “economy of event”. I have presented an early study of this subject as a performance and group process called “Oops!” in 2009 in Theatre Academy of Helsinki as my graduation piece in Live Art and Theory programme. During 2015 I will work on the continuation of that research, performance practice and production of live art piece.


Documentation of the Lapse project in 2009

1. Prepare a story of your own lapsus, take the rest of us to the place where it happened, or it could happen.
2. Without any explanation try to re-enact the lapsus.
3. We will record all parts of the display in various ways: with sound, video, pictures, hand writing.
4. Tell the story afterwards: 
Stein’s story: 
I was down here with Green Peace for 6 hours during Palm Oil Campaign. And I was an orangutan, outside there, playing with kids, everyone wanted to take a photo with me. It started outside, I was doing all this orangutan stuff, playing with kids, having fun. All the kids were like, really thrilled. And then I took the suit off, outside there. And I walked in through the doors, I saw kids and suddenly: “Oh, I have to remember to walk like an orangutan and I started: Uhu, Uhu, uhuuu”. Their mother got really crazy, she hit me in the head, and the kids started to scream, because it wasn’t funny, because I didn’t have a suit on. And I realized, uhmm, I am just like any person. It was kind of scary but kind of fun too. It was a strange man, probably drunk, or on drugs, he is doing something harmful to me, and like Aaaaaa! Four years old or something. And outside, all children just loved me and wanted to talk to Orangutan. And I actually made one kid very disappointed because he asked where I lived, and I told him that “I am from Norway”, and he started to cry a bit because he knew that Orangutan is not living in Norway, so he realized that this is fake.