Curriculum Vitae


2007 – 2013 Theater Academy, Performance art And theory, Helsinki
1998-2004  ASP, Poznan Art Academy, Poznan, Poland
2003  Scholarship at ALU, Ljubljana Art Academy, Slovenia
1993-1998  Nowy Wisnicz Art School, Poland

Recent Projects and Involvements

• 2011 – 2012 Robin Hood Minor Asset management, cooperative experimenting on out-onomous financing, collaboration between helsinki, st erme, Bucharest, St paulo, project combining computing sciences and art investigation on economy as aesthetics.
We had several presentations all around the world, but i mention here only those which I was coordinating personally: Recently we had presentation in Documenta 13 in Kassel at 11.09.2012 during seminar “Run Morphogenesis” by SCEPSI (European School of Social Imagination) and Franco Bifo Berardi.
Another presentation in Performing arts Forum in St erme in 2010, presentation in Night of the Arts in 2012 in Muu Gallery, Presentation in events around Future Art Base Launch: Venture garage, Otaniemi, Cumulus conference Aalto University, Arabia Campus, Kaapeli Galleria.
• 2011 – 2012 APProject: creation and coordination of project based on combined social design, art object and research on condition of precariour labor. Project contains subproducts such as: Placenta bag, Parasitical Architecture, Parasitical furniture and 10 Workplaces. Most recently Parasitical Architecture was presented in KRONIKA Center for Contemporary Arts in Bytom, Poland and Parasitical Furniture in Fake Finns and Wannabe Swedes Festival in Gallery Augusta in Suomenlinna, Helsinki.
• 2010 – 2012 Kafka Machine: film made by Kafka: project in collaboration with Ueinzz Theater, Sao Paulo, Presque Ruins Group based in Paris and Mollecular Organisation from Helsinki, (project included five workshops: Performing Arts Forum, st Erme, 2010, Presentation and development Workshop during: poison and play workshop in Haus der Kulturen der welt; Exhausted Subject, Impossible Community II – workshop with Peter Pál Pelbart, April 18 to 21, 2011 Organized by KATAJA, Mollecular Organization, Future Art Base and Art School Maa, trip Helsinki – Lisbon – Sao Paulo with several performances (Case Conveniente, Lisbon, Theater Santos, SESC Sao Paulo),  book production : Kafka Machine Published by n-1 Company, projects still continues.
• 2010 Oops! –direction of group Process and performance, Theater Academy, 2011
• 2010 kukkia book – Publication of Works done by Karolina Kucia and Tero Nauha as Kukkia group between 2004 – 2008, more on
• 2010 kapytalist workshop, 1st part of project “Economy of depression”, 2010, Eno, more on


2010 • “Oops!”, Theater Academy, Helsinki (concept and direction)
2008 •  “M.M – Mesmeralda Marianotavirgin meets Primary Man”, Theater Academy, Helsinki  (concept and direction)

Solo Performances – selection

2013   • Parasitical Furniture, Galleria Augusta, HIAP, Suomenlinna, Helsinki
2012   • Parasitical Architecture, CSW Kronika, Bytom, Poland
• Fragmented Artist, Fluxee Club, Mannila Tehdas Theater, Turku, Finland
2011   • “Perus Baroque”, Fake Finn Festival, Galleria Augusta, Suomenlinna, Finland
2010   •  “We are Käpytalists”, project in Eno, Finland (
2009   •  “Ooops! Sorry! Or Frankenstain”, Live Art Festival, Theater Academy, Helsinki, Finland
•  “Frankenstein”, Art Contact, Helsinki, Finland
2008   •  Ritornello, La bas, Performance Focus, Kiasma, also at INVENZIONI, XIV festival Freon, Rome, Italy
•  “sound and story”, SIM gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland
•  Ritornello, vocal performance, galleria Katariina, Helsinki, Finland
2007   •  Performance rocket, Kukkia ryhmä (Tero Nauha, Karolina Kucia, Dwi Sentiano), Taju07 Hyvinkää, Butotanssitapahtuma, Eerolan tila, Finland
•  Turdus Merdula, Live Art Festival, TEAK, Helsinki, Finland
2006   •  Fertilismi, Pairs 02, Panimo, Lahti, also at Vallankumous, Tutkijaliitto, Vaihtolava, Helsinki and Kajaanin teatteritapaaminen
•  Group performances with a butoh dance workshop groups in public space and Theater de Verte in Paris, France
•  Cooperational dance performance with Christine Marquez and Tero Nauha in Parc des Buttes Chaumontte, Paris
•  No name, Space of the global+ the state of performance, Pannuhalli, La Bas event, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki
•  Soppa, Fluxee club, Tehdasteatteri, Turku, Finland
2005   •  Aktio, Kajaanin teatteri tapaaminen, myös Pimeä festivaali, Kallio, Helsinki
•   Kultura, Anti festivaali, Kuopio ja “Pelnia sezonu” event, Fundacja Wyspa, Shipyard in Gdansk, Poland
•   Asutaa-zasiedlac, w/Tero Nauha Wäinö Aaltosen taidemuseo, Turku ja Y gallery, Tartu, Estonia
2004   •  “The Monument of Nature”, action during the opening of  exhibition,“w/here we are”, Stary Browar Gallery, Poznan, Poland
•   “20 min. 38sec.”, action during the opening “Bez tytuluTM” Triennal exhibition of Polish young artists, Oronsko, Poland
•   Isolation, w/Tero Nauha, Mooste, Estonia
2003   •  “Ìmagine that you all are your limb”, Ljubjana Art Academy, Slovenia

Video Works

2012  •   “Parasitical architecture1”, video installation, “Life in Bytom”, CSW Kronika, Bytom, Poland
2007  •    Museum of human being; – Animation
2008  •  “I left my wooden arm in a wooden house. I will finish it later, Zostawilam drewniane ramie w
drewnianym domu. Dokoncze je pozniej”, – Animation;

Solo and Group Exhibitions- selection

2008   •  Muu Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
•  LONGING FOR SUN, MARRY THE BEAR, ON Gallery, Poznan, Poland
2007   •  “Fertilismi”, Rantakasarmi, Suomenlinna, Helsinki
2005   •  “Continuum”, Stara Rzeznia, Poznan, Poland
2004   •   The best diplomas, Poznan Art Academy, IF MUSEUM INNER SPACE, Poznan, Poland
•  Artconcept festival, St Petersburg, Russia
2003   • „Differently”, MDSM and ProArte Gallery, Oswiecim, Poland
2002   • „Poza Poznaniem”, Wozownia Gallery, Torun, Poland
• „Andy means Anti”, project „Hry s umenim 2002”, Tatranska Gallery “Elektraren”, Poprad, Slovakia
• „Space”, second edition of festival of Start Gallery, ON Gallery, Poznan, Poland
2003   • No title, Galeria Domu Muz, Torun, Poland

Workshops, Seminars – selection

2012  • Workshop with Children in Contemporary Art Center KRONIKA in Bytom, Poland
2011  • Exhausted subject, Impossible community II, workshop with Peter Pál Pelbart, April 18 to 21, 2011 Organized by KATAJA, Mollecular Organization, Future Art Base and Taidekoulu Maa (as coorganizer)
2010    • “Exhausted subject, impossible community, workshop with Franco “Bifo” Berardi, Turku-Helsinki, (as cooorganizer)
2009    •  Regulated Liberties. Negotiating freedom in art, culture and media. 1st Rethinking Art Studies (REARS) conference in Turku, August 20-22 2009, University of Turku, Finland,
• Vastarinnan ekologiat, Workshop with Franco Berardi, Bracha Ettinger, Erin Manning and Brian Massumi, (as cooorganizer)
2008    •  Live Art Symposium, Theater Academy, Helsinki, (as cooorganizer)
2007    • “Fertilismi”  cooperational workshop, assisting exibition,  Tampere : (organizer)
2006    •  Butoh dance workshop with Atsushi Takenouchi and Hiroko Komiya, Paris
2004    • “Eksploracja IV”, Cieszyn, Poland
•  PostsovkhoZ4, Mooste, Estonia
2003    • „Subrosa Ljubljanica”, workshop with Milos Sejn from Art Academy in Prague, Ljubljana, Slovenia
• „The human voice as medium of expression”, Music Academy, Poznan, Poland


2011  • Kukkia book
2009  • On Return to Remnant – Home, (Paluu jäännös-kotiin) Essay about Oreet Ashery, Esseitä performanssista  ja esitystaiteesta, Episodi 2, Teatterikorkeakoulu: Yliopistopaino 2009

Grants And Awards – selection

2012   • One year artist grant from Art Council of Finland
2010   • Publishing grant for Kukkia Group
2008   • Finnish Cultural Foundation Grant 18 000 euro for Kukkia Group projects in 2008
2004   • Maria Dokowicz Prize combined with IF MUSEUM INNER SPACE Prize  and PLL Lot prize
– for the best master degree diploma of Poznan Art Academy in year of 2004

Artist In Residence – selection

2009  • MOKS, Center for Art and Social Practice, Mooste, Estonia
2008  • Skandinavisk Forenings Kunstnerhus in Rome, Nordic artists’ residence program in Rome with support from Nordic Council of Ministers
• Villa Karo, Grand Popo, Benin
• SIM, Reykjavik, Island
2006  • Cite de Baux Art International, Paris

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