Artist Statement

Karolina Kucia is a visual and performance artist based in Helsinki. She often combines work with objects, actions and a video image in both site-specific and staged context. She has been working in the area of mental ecology and precarious labour in her artistic practice as well as in co-founded organisations such as Mollecular Organisation, Future Art Base – Economic Art and Robin Hood Minor Asset Management. Her artistic practice often relates to question of collapse, withdrawal and minor expression, the “micro-events”, such as a slip of the tongue or form or time or parasitic relationships. Regardless of the gloomy appearance of the subjects, the practices and works themselves are usually joyful and somewhat parodic in nature.

My works are performances and organisational experiments in the context of art production, a collapse of meaning, sanity and power structures.

I like to create paradoxical or parasitical systems of subject-objects. As the performers is a subject-object who is performing the cultural production and it’s politics and conditions of precarious labour. I look for moments of disruption. I work in the event of a lapse, slip and stutter. I like to look through the technical decrease, losing quality and good looking face. I like to let those elements govern the process of becoming. I reanimate them back into the a…a….ar….aar……t work.

WHAT IS? I work with what is. Wishes are wishes. Illusions are illusions. Ehh, it takes so slow to look at each thing, see it, understand how does it work and what can it do and put it back in its place. I work with anti-metaphor – rather a joke. I work with stupidity, silliness, shame, awkwardness and confusion. I develop some strange love for little mistakes and social awkwardness as well as for the dirt. They are my ground.

PRECARIOUS. Precarious structure, precarious mind are every day reality of labour but also life organisation. I try to develop some healthy art working relations and conditions as opposed to dead zombie exhausted overwork and over production of another event for who knows what.

LAPSE and JOKE. I understand beauty as the movement of the soul. What does it mean? Its when the mind, emotions and body are touched and moved – literally in a different place than before, seeing what was not possible before. It happens simply and collectively in cracking a joke – when two parts of meaning are displaced and suddenly open a new view, but in the art that can be much more complex. Joke function as a link between the previously disconnected meanings. At the same time joke is a communicative form of that previously unseen unknown.

A joke can do it, joy can do it, a moment of lifting from sadness can do it, and a moment of non-judgmental criticism can do it. All of them need the momentary lapse, the corrosion of previously built sense. I believe in political art but political means for me some new life new energy for leaving, for acting in the environment, a movement of focus, an actual possibility.

“WHAT IS” HAS IT’S PARODY STANDING BESIDE. Therapeutic is to stay with what is. “What is” is complex and multi-layered. “What is” is sometimes not very touchable. A Certain amount of fiction or habit or automatism can create sort of autism or anaesthesia. Hence my working methods: unknown, lapse and parody are something, which exists besides meaning – or as minor meaning. The parasite exists beside the site, in minor place of existence. It inhabits the relationship, creating unbearably of what was to bet he same still. Parasite fascinates me also for the reason that it is a position where artists located their methods of artistic expression and social status since early avant-garde. It is different today, but some remnants stayed.
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